March 9, 2018

Audition Information 19-20

The FMHS Orchestras is comprised of at least five performing organizations, and we are expecting a particularly high level of enrollment for 2019-20. We are so excited to work with all of you! All students involved in the orchestra program at Flower Mound study excellent literature, enjoy performing in performances throughout the year, are involved in community outreach, and have opportunities to travel and participate in social events. All Orchestras build upon students experience in middle school, and increase the level of challenge/difficulty. Orchestra placement is based on ability. Students will be placed where they will experience the most success and appropriate challenges. All orchestras are high caliber and need high-level students to serve as musical leaders within them.

See excerpts and audition information below.

Auditions will be submitted online. You will upload a video of your scale and excerpts to a Google Classroom made available through the FMHS Orchestra Website (Join with Code: y8tmul). Make sure the camera angle is positioned so that we can see your left and right hand. This video will only be viewable by the audition committee. Video Submissions are due by Wednesday, May 1st.

Results will be posted to the website by the end of the year, and guidance counselors will receive placements for scheduling purposes. It is recommended you enroll in the orchestra you are placed. You may schedule to a lower level orchestra for scheduling purposes, but not a higher level one. Generally full year enrollment is expected.

Thanks for our hard work!! Feel welcome to contact Mr. Clink ( or Mr. Bunte ( if you have questions about the audition process in general.