March 9, 2018

Audition Results 2018-19

Dear Students,

Thank you so much for investing yourselves in the audition process for 2018-19. We know it takes a great deal of work/effort to prepare an audition, and thank you for all of your time preparing. We hope you have benefited from all the work, and think nothing but higher of you for doing it. We are projecting that the orchestras at FMHS will have the most people in school history involved next year (approximately 260). Close to 210 of you elected to invest and participate in the audition process for one of the upper level orchestras. Close to 60 of you expressed interest in an officer position. We value this a lot. It shows how many people are invested in the program. For incoming 9th graders, note that there will be opportunities to get involved as an officer at the beginning of next year. There is a place in our program where everyone can be a valuable/contributing member, and experience appropriate challenges and success. We can’t wait to welcome you, or welcome you back to the Jaguar Family.

All ensembles will be high performing ensembles that are rewarding to participate in. All orchestras participate in all concerts, activities, social events, trips, etc. Reminder that which excerpts you played does not necessarily determine which orchestra you are placed in (I.e., playing the Chamber, or Philharmonic Excerpts does not guarantee placement in that ensemble). A lot of factors are involved (ability to be successful/engaged in the repertoire, balance needs of the ensemble (i.e. an Orchestra cannot have 30 cellos, and 2 violins), commitment to the program, demonstrated effort/engagement throughout the year, etc. As an example, the varsity level chamber orchestra had 9 viola players in the section this year, and 4 members of the group have placed in TX All State Ensembles. A typical path for an entering 9th grader is to move from middle school varsity orchestra to FMHS Concert Orchestra and then move through other levels of orchestra. A very limited number of 9th graders are placed in Chamber, Philharmonic, Symphonic, and Camerata (i.e., there are typically 3-4 in Chamber (Varsity Level) and they have often advanced to Area/All State, and 8-10 in Philharmonic, which many high schools would consider their Varsity Group, etc.). New next year will be the Camerata Orchestra, which will primarily be an upper level 9th grade orchestra. It will meet concurrently to Concert Orchestra in a different space, so you may see it listed on your schedule as “Orch”. You have built the skills in middle school (involvement in McKamy Philharmonic, Chamber Orchestra, etc., Shadow Ridge Philharmonic, Forestwood Chamber Orchestra, etc.) to be successful at the high school. All orchestras build on the concepts you have built there and help you continue to progress/advance, engage in more challenging repertoire, etc.

Listed below are the audition results and officer positions for 2018-19. This information has been sent to your guidance counselor for scheduling purposes. Both semester involvement is expected for all orchestras. You are encouraged to enroll in the orchestra you are placed in. This is where you will experience the most success/fulfillment. You may level down, but not up for scheduling purposes (I.e., a student placed in Philharmonic could register for Symphonic, but not the reverse. We have a 72-hour return policy on answering questions related to auditions. We will not be answering any e-mails until Monday. If at that point you are ready to have a calm thoughtful discussion, we are happy to speak with you.

Again, thank you for your investment, and all of your efforts have us just thrilled for the many wonderful students we are going to have an opportunity to work with in 2018-2019!!! If you are returning, have a great summer, and can’t wait to see you in the Fall. If you are new to FMHS, we can’t wait to meet you. One of the first things we will do is have a welcome back picnic designed by our 18-19 student officers. Feel welcome to check out the FMHS Orchestra Twitter (, or Facebook Page (Flower Mound High School Orchestra) for even more information on our program.

Thanks so much,

Stephen Clink, Head Orchestra Director, Flower Mound High School


The audition process has been completed for 2018-19, if you are relocating from somewhere else to Flower Mound over the summer, please contact Stephen Clink ( for questions.