March 9, 2018

Audition Information 2018-19

Orchestra Auditions

The FMHS Orchestras is comprised of four-five performing organizations, and we are expecting a particularly high level of enrollment for 2018-19. We are really looking forward to a great year. All students involved in the orchestra program at Flower Mound study excellent literature, enjoy performing in performances throughout the year, are involved in community outreach, and have opportunities to travel and participate in social events. All Orchestras build upon students experience in middle school, and increase the level of challenge/difficulty. Orchestra placement is based on ability. Students will be placed where they will experience the most success. All orchestras are high caliber and need high-level students to serve as musical leaders within them. Generally, students are expected to enroll for the entire year. Please talk to the directors if you have any questions.

Information/Instructions Below: