November 6, 2015

8th Grade Parent Info

Welcome Future FMHS Orchestra Students!!!

We are excited to have you join us at Flower Mound High School!  We invite you to join us throughout the year for concerts, and we look forward to seeing many of you on March 18th at our Cluster Concert.

Benefits of Orchestra

More and more, research is showing the benefits of studying a musical instrument.  It is one of the only activities that activates all areas of the brain.

Orchestra gives you skills that help you be successful in your other classes and in the world beyond, such as self-confidence, self-discipline, creative problem-solving skills, self-evaluation skills, and the ability to work cooperatively with others.  These very skills are why students in orchestra for four years are highly attractive in college admissions, even for students not majoring in music.
Membership in the FMHS Orchestra gives you a “family” at Flower Mound High School; a place to belong at a very big school.  It’s a great way to get your required fine arts and elective credits, and allows you to use the skills you’ve developed in middle school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I take orchestra for one semester?

A: Orchestra is a year-long commitment.  You must sign up for both semesters.

Q: Can I be in orchestra and another activity?

A: Absolutely, and we encourage you to do so!  See the sample 4 year plan to see how.

Q: What ensembles opportunities are available to me at Flower Mound High School?

A: We have four performing organizations that compete at UIL, travel in an out of state, perform in concerts, and participate in social activities throughout the course of the year.

Q: Is orchestra hard at Flower Mound HS?

A: We work hard, and we also like to have fun. You have developed all the necessary skills you need to be successful at FMHS. Whether you are considering a career in music or just want a place to play music for fun on a daily basis, there is a place for you at Flower Mound High School!

Q: Are there a lot of extra rehearsals/concerts?

A: There is very little outside of class commitment. There are traditionally five evening concerts over the course of the year.

Q: Do we have social events?

A: Absolutely!  Remember, we work hard, and we like to have fun, also!!!

Q: Do we take trips?

A: Yes!!!

Sample 4 Year Plan

Orchestra is a year-long class

Orchestra Orchestra
 English 1  Biology
 Algebra 1/Geometry  World History/Geo
 Open*  Open*
GRADE 10  
Orchestra   Orchestra
 English 2  Foreign Language 1
Social Science 2  Math 2
 Open*  IPC/Chemistry


GRADE 11  
Orchestra  Orchestra
 English 3  Science 3
 Foreign Language 2  Math 3
 Open*  U.S. History
GRADE 12  
Orchestra  Orchestra
English 4  Science 4
Gov’t & Economics  Math 4
 Open*  Open*


*Availability to do Orchestra & other activities such as athletics, Theatre, etc.