Winter Concert

A reminder that are Winter Concert is tomorrow night, Thursday December 7th (Attendance Mandatory). Another copy of the annual calendar distributed at the beginning of the year is attached. The students have worked so hard, and we are really looking forward to a phenomenal performance. Please do invite family/friends. A reminder to make sure your formal concert uniform is prepared and ready to go tonight (including appropriate dress shoes, and black socks/hose). Also a reminder that we want students to feel supported in all of their efforts on stage, and for them to have our full attention while they are performing, so please have devices turned off and away when you are in the audience and not performing. The winter concert tends to be very well attended and supported. We can’t wait to see everyone there. We appreciate everyone’s support! Happy Holidays.

Report Times:

All Orchestras: 6:30
Concert: Orchestra Room
Symphonic: Choir Room
Philharmonic: Drama A
Chamber: Drama B
Approximate Concert Length: 7:00-8:30

Thanks so much, and looking forward to it,

Stephen Clink

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